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About Henry Onyemah

Onyemah Henry Oster is a dynamic writer and a certified microfinance practitioner, with expertise in credit risk administration and loan recovery strategy formulation with on the job practical experience of over ten years. A microfinance certified professional and a member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN). A Certified Expert in Microfinance (CEM) professional from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Germany and graduate of the University of South wales, UK. An associate member of the Nigerian Institute of Management (ANIM), associate member of the Chartered Institute of Loan and Risk Management (ACILRM), senior associate member of the Association of Enterprise Risk Management Professional. Vast in security management and intelligence gathering with  several written articles found online and most of which centers on micro financing, profit maximization, loan and recovery strategy formulation. A resource person with practical experience in freelance writing, training and consulting with passion for micro financing.

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