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Welcome to Lheon Learning

We have been able to identify that professionals need adequate tools to perform well. We have also been able to identify the areas in which these professionals can leverage on to bring out the best in what they do. All this gave birth to the creation of an e-learning platform that meet the need of every learner. It has taken us several years to perfect what we are offering and we do hope it makes a positive impact to the business community.

Our Aims and Core Value

Online Courses with assessment capabilities to weigh performance.

Online Certificates after course completion.

Continuous online leadership development and mentoring program.

We understand that organisations require people with prerequisite knowledge to perform to standard. We also know that people need adequate resources and tools to meet standards required of them to deliver on set deadline. This is what lheonlearning is here to provide. We have taken several years to perfect what we have today and we have no doubt that it would be to the advantage of people who lack the basic knowledge to deliver.

Lheonlearning e-Learning solutions bring learning technology to the doorstep of every institution and professionals yearning for perfection for their workforce while performing basic operations.
Today’s busy world and the need to meet set target will definitely take a toll on the working time of you and your staff. This is why we created an e-learning training and assessment platform that meets the demand for quality learning. Thus, bringing the best out of your workforce.

This e-learning platform will strengthen institutional capacity of organization and individuals by introducing quality courses and assessments relevant to business activities. It is designed to meet the needs of professionals and practitioners, policy makers and regulators, staff and students who intent to improve their knowledge on best practices. It is useful for participants who wish to develop their financial, business and management skills.


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