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Lheonlearning e-Learning solutions bring professional touch to the doorstep of every professional and institutions yearning for perfection for themselves and their workforce while performing financial operations.

Lheon Learning  e-learning platforms seek to partner with finance professional that can create course that meets the demand for quality learning.

Interested professionals must be able to develop, promote and deliver quality courses that meet set standards. You are also expected to work remotely (On-line, real time) and must have a laptop and access to the internet.

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You get to fix the price of your course to be offered

You get 60% on each of your course purchased

You earn a percentage (%) bonus on all referral made

You get recognition for your work thereby expanding your profile and visibility.

Course promotion through our partner institutions and platforms

Online training is provided for tutors (Training the trainer)

One week payout after course subscription

Open career opportunities

Monitor student progress to ensure a smooth torturing

Designing and developing new digital microfinance e-learning content.

Updating and editing content via the lheonlearning e-Learning platform.

Monitor student experience pre and post assessment period with continuous monitoring and communication.

Trouble-shoot problems and make recommendations to improve customer satisfaction and drive retention.

Keep up-to-date on emerging approaches to online learning in target markets

Must be a graduate of any reputable institution in any discipline

Must have an adequate knowledge about the relevant industry to be tutored

Must have credentials and certification relevant industry acquired locally or internationally

Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office applications and desktop publishing.

Must understand how e-Learning platform works

Must be able to develop courses in different formats i.e. Video, slides, text, page building

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